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Orientation, Day 3: “When I was your age, I walked a mile uphill to get home from school while carrying 22.4 pounds of required books.”

Says the older Becca one day to her future children, if/when they ever whine about not wanting to go to school.

And if her children are astute, they will furrow their little brows and ask, “Mom, why didn’t you simply take the Metro home if you lived in the city?”

And she will respond, “Because your mother was not as bright as you are. LITTLE DID SHE KNOW that buses with letters written after the main bus number – such as ‘9B’ and ‘9C’ – have very different meanings. Her phone died so she couldn’t check bus routes. And nobody looked friendly enough to ask for help.”

And hopefully they won’t ask if my walk was really uphill. And if it was really a mile, or if I rounded up from, say, 0.54 miles.

In leaving my terrible future anecdote – YES, we got our first-semester law school books today! 22.4 pounds of required statute and casebooks. 22.4 pounds of knowledge I have to acquire in the next 3.5 months. This, of course, does not include the flashcards, general study aids, and the “hornbooks” that most students seem to already be purchasing. (I’m not sure yet which, if any, of these types of materials I’ll choose to make use of.)

The “burden of proof” of my walk home today is featured below:



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