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Preparing for law school…with coasters.

In the past year or so, I’ve become a coaster collector.

All of these coasters have stories of my life stitched within their worn cardboard frames. Some were from unforgettable nights out with my best college girlfriends. Two were from drink dates. One was from a local bar I visited while touring a law school in the spring. A few were from family dinners at restaurants back home. I hope to have a few more in my collection before the next three years are up!

I’ll be needing coasters during law school. I will be drinking coffee…and more coffee. (Rumor has it that law students occasionally get together and unwind with adult beverages as well.) Each cup of coffee – or any other beverage, for that matter – will rest on a coaster…a story that has, in some small way, shaped who I am and brought me to this very desk in the first place.

The best part of waking up each day will not be the Folgers (I’ll likely purchase this brand often – the price tends to be law student-friendly) in my cup. It will instead be the little memory I’ll recall as I set my cup down.

These are the little things in life, and they are the best things.


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